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The Mandela Effect And The Merging Of Two Realities

By on July 19, 2016 in OUT THERE
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By Carlos Tavares
Guest Writer,

Some people have noticed that things as they are now are not how they remember them as being before. This concept is called the “Mandela Effect”, because some people remember Mr. Mandela dying in prison, but in “this” our current reality/version he became president and only died in 2013.

There are many such examples and many more to be revealed as people become aware of this concept and actually start to check up on things. Most commonly people remember the name of certain books or titles of movies being called something just “slightly” different but NOT what it is now, or the words in phrases in old books being different now. In some cases both realities are present with one ‘version’ being more dominant than the other!

I have had several personal experiences with the Mandela Effect, and after some time you yourself even begin to doubt and wonder if you are imagining the difference between the ‘now’ version and the ‘then’ version, because this reality is now the dominant “material external collective”, and is constantly re-enforcing (forcing) its “proof/reality”!

I have a friend who remembers an entire building on the corner of a street in JHB, which simply is not there in this reality. As the cosmic law and ritual states that The Powers That Be have to tell you what is happening somehow, those that have seen the “Fringe” TV series will have had a clue and be able to grasp this quicker.

The big thing for me was watching a recent clip where he was talking about the positions and shapes of entire landmasses and continents.  I was good at Geography at school, so when I heard him saying certain things I actually stopped the video to see for myself on my own Globe, because I did not believe what he was saying. After confirming that my globe too was NOT what I remembered I continued to watch, but regularly stopped the video as he mentioned other places. Here is the video:


This article I am writing specifically for the people that REMEMBER things differently, not for the masses who are aware of no change, as it would be very difficult to explain something to them that is different to what they can actually see and prove at present, in this reality.

Some teachings have said that the Earth (in Old reality timelines) has always destroyed itself or been destroyed by a nuclear World War 3 during the 1980s or by massive natural Earth Changes, and has never been able to go past the year 2012. I remember going to town a week after the whole 2012 “thing” and feeling so weird and out of place, like a dreamscape. With time I slowly started to accept and integrate this reality!

So what I am thinking is that the people that NOW are noticing events, things and places that were different before, compared to this reality, are the people from the old parallel that have merged with this new parallel. They have been transferred to this parallel Earth reality and by doing so “absorbed” themselves in this reality into one person. (Same soul and spirit though!) It is interesting that the people reporting all these different cases are the more awakened and spiritual people, so what I am saying is that the people who had awoken enough, with enough knowledge, wisdom, action and spirituality who had the potential for FUTURE continuation, were the ones transferred. The rest of the masses I would say actually died in some extinction level event on our original parallel reality/timeline. (In this Parallel are the “copies/duplicates” of those people which are all around that do not remember!)

So in other words we jumped from one Parallel Earth Reality to another, one that was close enough in space and frequency…ALMOST exactly the same! (and with some external help involved?!)

If this is true, then hypothetically this reality may not be much better than the old one as this civilization/parallel too continues to collapse in on it self and destroy this planet as well.  So was it done to just buy some time and are we about to go through yet another merging process? Each merge being an upgrade to a higher reality with more future potential. Like in the movie “The One”, where Jet Li goes from one parallel to the next and every time he kills his other he becomes more powerful. In our case we may be slowly collecting the lost pieces of our fragmented selves with every merge?!

I was also wondering if this is the reason for many people reporting that they are continuously seeing double numbers, i.e. 11:11,  if it is not the subconscious mind telling us something!??? Pointing directly to the Double realities? Furthermore is this why some people are seeing two (very similar) suns when conditions are just right? Is there another Earth Parallel close to us in frequency again? (No it is not Nibiru! Not every anomaly has to be Nibiru!) It appears we are experiencing more and more strangeness and should be aware of such anomalies.

Bearing in mind the holographic nature of this reality; Does Accepting the Mandela Effect Increase Slides?

Some of the possible causes of the Mandela Effect:

  1. Due the meddling of Scientist with large Quantum machines like the particle colliders, for a variety of motives they only know! Maybe to bring in or merge realities that is closer to the agendas of the “Controllers”!
  2. ET and ED beings doing it for their agendas which may or may not benefit humanity and the Earth!
  3. Time travelers of great power playing this game on a much grander scale, tweaking very specific things ever so slightly but enough to create a butterfly effect and have massive changes in their futures.
  4. Some sort of very advanced AI doing it to get the desire outcome for its end game!
  5. Higher benevolent beings doing it to buy as a little more time, merging realities to simply allow our survival until whatever the next major chapter will be!
  6. The human consciousness itself, as for the first time in thousands of years humans start to take back their power and start to awaken thereby actually once again consciously creating reality. Many different people creating differently on one planet thereby creating different scenarios all affecting the quantum field and thereby what ever gets to manifest materially/holographically! (Portions of their “old” realities may remain behind, residually like a Ghost or Memories!)
  7. Maybe it is possible to only remove a very specific outcome (people, places, things, times and events) portion of a parallel to insert into this one, but to maintain balance that similar piece of this one has to be “sent” back to the other! So different people remember different things!
  8. Glitches in the False Matrix. If it is true that this reality has been hijacked and a false projection placed over it for the purpose of energy harvesting or a prison. As we break through and awaken we start to see the original true reality!
  9. A splitting of reality into not two but many different new possibilities, according to where our minds and focus are at!
  10. Natural much greater cosmic cycles when every now and again these processes can happened naturally within the multiverse, simply when two parallels are so close in frequency, which normally separate them, that they actually merge or combine!
  11. Maybe bringing in all the different experiences we have had together to rebuild our fractured selves into one so that we proceed to the next major evolutionary and spiritual stage!
  12. All of the above or the combination of some of the above!

About the author:

Carlos Tavares

I am a student of the Great Work (RSE). A Nature Conservationist and Wildlife Manager by profession. Abductee and Ufologist with an a passion for all things paranormal and the Occult, my entire life. A diver, martial artist and author. I am a seeker of truth and the experiences. Only through experiences do you get personal truth and deep understanding!

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