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Lyran Feline Race – Lion People – Everything You Wanted to Know

By on September 25, 2017 in ET's AND UFO'S
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Lyran Feline Race - Lion People - Everything You Wanted to Know

By Universe Inside You

Who are the feline beings, where do they come from, and what is their history and place in the galactic theater?

The Felines are a bipedal race that stand 12 to 16 feet tall. Their skin is covered by a sort of soft fuzz, and though they don’t have fur, they do have manes and both the males and females have long hair.

Their eye color ranges from blue to gold and can change from blue to gold as they mature. They also turn from a golden brown color to white.

The overall Feline temperament is warm, sanguine and intellectual. As they mature they take on more of a somber, introspective and gentle nature. The elders are revered for the wisdom, compassion and insight.

As a race they are extremely close and have a great sense of fair play. The females are revered and honored in equal status with the males. And true to the feline way, they are all very curious and inquisitive.



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