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Indian Mound At Fort Hill, NY Lies On Earth’s Ley Lines

By on April 19, 2017 in METAPHYSICAL
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Indian Mound At Fort Hill, NY Lies On Earth's Ley Lines

By Joyce Hackett Smith

There has always been controversy over whether the Cayugas or some other tribe constructed the Indian Mound on which Fort Hill Cemetery in New York was built. North American archaeological research supports the view that it was built before the Cayugas and other Iroquois tribes appeared in the Finger Lakes region. These earlier Native Americans were referred to as “Alleghans” (after the Allegheny Mountains), and they inhabited the middle of North America hundreds of years before the arrival of Columbus and then vanished.

The Cayugas used the Fort Hill mound as the principal residence of their 10 Sachems (or Ssenators) who represented them on the Grand Council of the Five Nation Confederacy. One of the Sachems was Shikellimus, the father of Chief Logan for whom the 56-foot stone obelisk at the center of the mound is dedicated. It is from this site that all of Auburn and Owasco Lake can be seen.

Archaeologically, mounds are one of many thousand such constructions which dot the North American landscape. Most mounds are located in the Mississippi, Ohio and Missouri valleys. There are more than 5,000 mounds in Ohio and Michigan, and in Wisconsin there exist in excess of 10,000.

 The mound at Fort Hill is considered one of the more complex mounds. However, there are others that are considerably smaller in nearly every county in western New York. In our own county, there is one in the middle of the Village of Elbridge and one just outside of Moravia.

The uniqueness about “mounds” is that they are on ley-lines. They are part of the earth’s energy system and are also referred to as “earth-energy lines.” The mysteries surrounding “ley-lines” have puzzled mankind for centuries.

Native Americans believe that when the energy lines run north/south or vice versa, there will be peace. At the present time the energy lines are running east/west and this means turmoil.

In more recent years, a renewed interest in them has been taking place, even among the scientific community. The geophysical anomalies that are registered by devices today prove their existence.

Ley-lines wrap our planet and were known by the Ancients millennia ago. They recognized that along these lines there was “energetic significance.” Sacred sites are linked together by the mysterious alignments of ley-lines and at the apex where their lines cross, some form of “accumulation” of the energies exists. Standing stones/circles were erected to mark some of these sacred sites. (The circle of stones at Stonehenge in England is probably one of the most well known.)

No one is entirely sure how ancient sites were used to communicate with the spirits of dead ancestors, but the idea is widely accepted by archaeologists, and what little archaeological evidence remains does point toward elaborate rituals held at sacred sites presumably to aid the process.

 When the Christians came along, they built their churches on top of these sacred spots and “Christianized” the site. All cathedrals in Europe are built on ley-lines and their altars are directly over the spot where ley-lines cross. Beneath the floors of cathedrals is how most members of royal families were buried.

The sight of fairies, spirits, ghosts or even extra-terrestrials along ley-lines have been claimed time and time again by people of such prominence as Sir Arthur Conan Doyle of “Sherlock Holmes” fame.

Ley-lines are generally accepted as being straight, however, there are a number of earth-energy lines that have been discovered recently which are not straight. It is possible to find the length of a ley line to be 20 to 30 miles, although the length can vary from only a few feet to thousands of miles. The width of the line varies, but the average is 5 1/2 feet. This was the width of the Roman road, and it was on ley-lines that Romans built many of their roads.

Ley-lines often follow fault lines and mountain chains.

It is believed that the ability of birds and animals to detect the magnetism that emanates from these ley-lines is what enables them to navigate when migrating and returning. Typically crows are known to roost only where ley-lines meet. (No wonder they came to roost at Fort Hill Cemetery. There are eight ley-lines that intersect there!)

A person who sits or lies over a ley-line for an extended time will tend to be hyperactive. This can work to advantage in healing or in situations where extra energy is useful.

Last month the Cayuga-Owasco Lakes Historical Society sponsored a theatrical tour at the Indian Mound Cemetery in Moravia. Two musicians — Ron Van Nostrand and Dan Cleveland — performed a medley of songs from the 1800s. Unaware of what might occur by sitting at the apex of the mound, they later shared with one another, what they had both experienced. Ron said they’d “sensed the energizing and saw a glowing green light flow through their bodies.”

As a dowser, I was able to identify four distinct ley-lines, which intersect at the top of the mound in Moravia. One of the compass coordinates connects to one that comes from Fort Hill Cemetery. It is because the cemetery is situated where ley-lines meet that it is considered fortunate for anyone to be interred there since Native Americans believe it “a sacred place.”

Joyce Hackett Smith writes on living in Cayuga County

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