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Britian’s Most Haunted Island- The Isle Of Wight

By on November 11, 2016 in PARANORMAL
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Haunted Island- The Isle Of Wight

The Isle of Wight, which is off the south coast of England, is renowned for its ghosts and is, without a doubt, Britain’s most haunted island. Many point to ‘ley lines’ going through the island as a reason for its high levels of paranormal activity.

Earth energy is said to travel in geometric patterns through what is called ‘ley lines’ or ‘energy lines’. Master druids knew the importance of Earth’s energy and ley lines as they would build their sacred sites on ‘energy vortexes’ or ‘power points’ which is where the leys intersect.

Pyramids, standing stones, stone circles, burial mounds, ancient religious sites, etc.. were built on those high energy points all across the world. The amplified energy of those points is believed to magnify the power of their sacred rituals which are meant to produce supernatural results. Later on, masons, initiated into the secret mysteries, build their own structures such as temples and churches along the leylines’ vortexes discovered by the druids. It is perhaps not a coincidence that Druids, Pagans (who also believe in ley lines) and Masons have been a big part of the history of the Isle of Wight – even today, they reside there in high concentration.

Ley lines have long been believed to also be ‘spirit lines’ along which spirits travel. Spirits/ghosts feed on energy and the leys surely provides tons of it. With all this supernatural energy running across the island it is no wonder the Isle of Wight is sometimes referred to as ‘The Ghost Island’.

Hundreds of restless spirits haunt the Isle of Wight hotels, hospitals, castles, manor houses, inns, shops and offices, while the spirits of smugglers and shipwrecked seamen walk the lonely beaches. Undead soldiers haunt old fortresses; a police station which is haunted, courthouse, lighthouse, library and council offices, and a phantom convict who is still serving an ‘afterlife’ sentence in Parkhurst prison.

Some of the Island’s many believed haunted spots are:
Arreton Manor
Billingham Manor
Bouldnor – Off coast
Capricorn Club
Carisbrooke Castle
Battery Road
Sir Max Aitken Museum, The Prospect
Tree in Northwood Park
Shooters Hill
Yorkies Cafe
Knighton Gorges
Dunnose Point – Off coast
Vittlefields crossroads
Ventnor Botanic Gardens
Clifford Street
Nodes Point – Holiday Park
Solent Inn, Monkton Steer
Vectis Monster

isle of wight Brading church and graveyard
St. Mary’s Church, Brading

Two of the most haunted locations on the island are Ventnor Botanic Gardens and Knighton Gorges. Many tuberculosis sufferers died at the Old Royal National Hospital which stood where the botanic garden is now and their ghosts are often seen while their ghostly weeping and groaning are often heard. The island most haunted spot is said to be Knighton Gorges, Newchurch. The manor house on the site has been demolished in 1821 but there have been accounts of people who witnessed the house reappearing on New Year’s Eves along with supernatural stone creatures on top of the remaining gateposts.

The ‘Most Haunted’ TV show visited the island in 2005 to investigate Appuldurcombe House and Arreton Manor.

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