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A Starseed’s Experience With An Extraterrestrial Family

By on September 13, 2016 in ET's AND UFO'S
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A Starseed's Experience With An Extraterrestrial Family

By Suzanne Bishop, MS
Guest Writer,

I will begin my story in 1996. At the time I began having communications with a spirit family. I am not really sure of where they are from. I was also facilitating a dream workshop I had founded at the local Unitarian Universalist Church. I was in the twilight or hypnotic stage of sleep, where you are not fully conscious yet not fully awake, when a family of sorts appeared to me in my mind’s eye. This family was enveloped in very colorful rays of light, some white. I was able to discern their faces, and pale almost translucent long hair. The feeling that I responded with was one of unity, peace and universal love.

There was definitely a sense of family, that these beings were almost of the same mind. They telepathically shared that I was also one of them. They did appear androgenous, but one being in particular was a leader, or mother of sorts. The being in the far left corner of my sketch is who I now call An, she translated that she was mother, as I know this word to describe.


I described these beings to the dream group and one man shared that the beings sound like they are from the Pleiades Star system. Not knowing anything about Multi-dimensionals or Starseeds at the time I responded with an open mind. They may very well be from Pleiades, but for now I call them “light beings”. They are definitely multi-dimensional in nature, and they may be Arcturian.

To me, right now it doesn’t matter where they originated from, they are a profound part of my life.

I lost connection with them during grad school. Maybe my logical brain was turned on too much, but during 2000 to 2008 I lost connection with them from my end. I am sure they were still part of my psyche though. as when I awoke from deep sleep I could feel the sensation of someone scanning my body while being bathed by a strong feeling of love. I could see the cells in my body change form, even down to the atoms. Once in a while they would peek through my consciousness enough to be recognized, and I the whole experience felt peaceful.

In 2010, my own spirituality speeded up. I was meeting people and having experiences that pulled me closer to the source and the singularity of being. It was through prolonged meditation and what I would call an unconditional love for my friends and the world at large that brought me to experience life in “the flow”. Gratitude and the practice of having it was also increasing in my life.

It was during this time period that An showed up very strongly, without her family. Also, other sensitive people noticed An and her family. At a local Spiritualist Church during a mediumship circle, a medium picked up on An and the family. She asked what was up with all the heads without bodies hanging around me. The sketch does show diffusion all around the beings except for the head and neck area. This was the first confirmation of the family through someone else’s awareness. My family may be real after all!

During another reading by a well known psychic medium, she was made aware of An in particular. The medium said An was my mother and that her name was Ann! They monitor me closely, especially my emotions and my spiritual progress of remembering the origin of my soul and my soul contract during this lifetime.

Then I started to channel An for friends. What I transcribed was universal in nature. An seemed to be interested in our society’s progress emotionally, and of course spiritually. An shared her family’s belief that our technology has a huge part in our spiritual development. As we progress emotionally, no sane group of people would be killing off our planet to buy more things (the external overrides the internal). nor would they solve disputes with guns and atom bombs. We do not really know our true natures, and the value of life…yet.

I shared another channeling with a public group in Pittsburgh about mankind’s heavy use of computerized devices. Social media in particular is actually changing our DNA and the structure of our brains. Soon, as future generations come into being, we will be able to connect with source as if it is a natural thing to do. That connection to source will be a release coming from a structure within the brain.

I am planning on writing and painting more about An, and her sharing of her knowledge about this universe and universes that exist. The bottom line for An is that everything is a construct, and constructs are not really real. So go ahead and have the time of your life right now, because this IS the only time that matters until the next construct comes along. You do matter, and you are enough. Blessings.

Suzanne Bishop lives in Pittsburgh, and she is an art therapist. Her website is

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