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William Mistele- About Fairies, Part 3 of 3

By on August 7, 2016 in SUPERNATURAL
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William Mistele- About Fairies, Part 3 of 3

In this third and final segment, Bill and El have a full on conversation with a fairy outside of El’s window. Excerpt from William (Bill) Mistele’s Facebook page, from the Biography of a Pleiadian. Skype transcript 7/9/16, Part III

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Bill: Are you near a window?

El: Yes. A little bunny just ran across the yard. It was so cute.

Bill: Can you see fairies right now out the window? El: Oh yeah. Of course. I always see fairies.

Bill: So for my readers tell us what you see out the window right now?

El: There are mostly fairies. When you get here you will see I have a little fairy ladder next to the tree. And something I have observed the past week is that they go up the ladder—one is on it right now—and then they vanish into the tree. They become part of the tree. So they can choose when they want to have fairy bodies or when they literally want to be part of a tree or part of nature. And that wasn’t something I knew before. So right now most of them are part of the tree.

Bill: And how big is the ladder?

El: It is about a foot long.

Bill: But it has little rungs?

El: Yeah. Little rungs. It comes up to like right below my knee. It has little rungs they can climb up. It is the perfect size for a fairy.

Bill: Where did you find your fairy ladder?

El: It used to be part of a bird house I had when my parakeets were in their old cage. But it is the perfect size for a fairy ladder so I put it by the tree.

Bill: So could a fairy join with your body the way it joins with a tree?

El: I don’t know. I haven’t seen them do that with people, just with trees and little green plants. Maybe they can. Bill: Well, there is this group of men and one of them tells me how he has invited a fairy queen to unite with his body so that she is inside of him. There was an elaborate ritual involved.

El: Interesting. That is probably more of a magician type thing. I think fairies probably don’t walk up to someone and become part of them naturally. You probably have to help them do that.

Bill: But you could probably sit outside and meditate and they would circle around you?

El: Oh yeah. They always come around me, tickle my feet and jump on me and stuff. Sometimes they will hand me a fairy baby and I have never seen anything so cute.

Bill: So what is happening now with the fairies outside the window?

El: There are some that are part of the tree and there are some sitting on the ladder and there are some darting around like threw the weeds. I think they are just playing right now. Night is when they actually go out and do more of their nature work. The pictures we have of fairies on Bell Rock look like really cool Christmas lights. They check all the plants at night and they watch everything. They are the Devas of the land.

Bill: Do they turn into lights at night or do they keep their form and become luminous?

El: The glow is what shows up on camera. I think sometimes you can make out shapes even on camera pictures. I love it when we drive through Oak Creek Canyon at night because the air is so clear and there are fairies all through the woods like a giant Christmas tree.

Bill: Can you describe one of the fairies sitting on the ladder?

El: I will describe the purple one.

Bill: How big?

El: It looks like she is four inches tall. She is pretty slender. Her skin actually looks kind of greyish. It looks good on her. Her hair is down to her elbows, pretty long. She doesn’t really have eye brows. Her eyes are small and kind of cute. And her dress looks like a flower turned upside down like a skirt. And she is barefoot. And I think she is sitting on a leaf. There is a leaf on the ladder.

Bill: Wow.

El: She is super cute. You have to appreciate different forms of beauty when it comes to fairies because they don’t look exactly like humans. They are so pretty. She has really angular features too like a pointed noise and a super pointed chin, like more pointed than a human’s would ever be.

Bill: So as you look at her is she aware of you looking?

El: Yes. She is showing off like doing the flirty eye thing where she glances at me, stretches out, and fluffs her skirt. She knows that I am watching her. She is proud of who she is and is happy to share it with me. And she likes that I admire her.

Bill: And when you are using your eyes to look at her I assume there is an energy connection. What does that energy connection through your eyes feel like?

El: It feels like I am one with her. Whenever I look at something or a person I feel like I experience their emotions in some part of me. If they are angry or upset I know it is not me but them. It feels like anything else. If I look at a tree I can feel the flow of the water. With the fairy I feel how excited she is. She is excited because she is thinking about making fairy slippers from flower petals and I think that would be adorable.

Bill: So you are picking up her thoughts and feelings?

El: Oh yeah. She is super excited. She is happy.

Bill: For you this is normal?

El: Yes. I was going to say that for me this is normal but let me think what her feelings are like for a human. For a human it feels like all your wishes just came true. It feels like a fairy tale—like Cinderella just got the prince, the dress, and everything. Everything that you want to happen, like if you are a man sitting there alone in your dark room and then someone just gave you a castle and the woman of your dreams that is what it would feel like.

Bill: So this is a little like shooting up with heroin or cocaine or something?

El: I have never done drugs but I would assume so.

Bill: Let’s stick with that phrase of having all your wishes just come true—Is that a feeling she has all the time or is that a feeling she can bestow on others?

El: She feels like that most of the time. I mean, there are moments when she will get annoyed like if a twig falls on her or something. She can experience irritation. But she has always had that emphasis about her. She just has absolute faith in the universe and in herself where she knows that whatever she dreams up can be accomplished. It is real to her whatever it is.

Bill: Let me try to paraphrase that. She has absolute faith in the universe that whatever she dreams up can be made real? Is that what you said?

El: Yes. Whatever she dreams can be made real. You might say she is the perfect idealist and dreamer for this world. A lot of people in my generation have lost their idealism and become bitter but she is not like that. Always happy.

Bill: But she is not a wish-fulfilling gem that grants wishes to other people?

El: Not this one.

Bill: If someone who was depressed and also psychic were sitting where you are sitting and looking at her if he opened his mind and meditated would that infect him with her sense of joy?

El: I think so if he is willing to sit still and has a level of insight to feel what another being is feeling. I am talking to her now somewhat telepathically and I asked her if she actively helps people fulfill their wishes. She says it is not her career so to speak but it irritates her when a human comes near her and enters her space because it is a really depressing energy. So sometimes if the human is in her area she will throw happy thoughts their way or try to cause something that will make them laugh so they stop polluting her space.

Bill: So she would find human beings normally depressing but she might do something to change their moods or vibrations so they are a little more happy out of self-defense?

El: Right. But that is just her. Fairies are so diverse. There are some you can tune into that have the intention of trying to help you.

Bill: But all the same someone who is very receptive could gaze at her and recreate what she is in their astral body?

El: Oh yeah. I don’t see why not. When you come I will point her out to you so you can try that.

Bill: Can you give her a name so you and I can identify her more easily?

El: Hang on. She says I can call her Orchard for right now. She says she will give her fairy name a little later.

Bill: Seems like she should have her own children’s book and be part of what is called a Bestiary which catalogues different kinds of spirits and she would be the who feels that all her dreams are becoming real.

El: Yes. This is personal but I asked her if I could have some sort of totem that would connect me to her so she would stay her and she said she will still be here when you are here. But she says she doesn’t have a totem that will last but she said that if I want to connect with her I should go blow bubbles.

Bill: Can you get some idea of the dreams she has made real?

El: For herself?

Bill: Yeah.

El: She said it is a moment to moment thing, not like one thing. She said it is in every moment like if she wants a new dress she is going to get it in the next few hours. Let me ask her what her recent dream was …. You know there is that back section of green area beyond the back fence. She said she wanted them to stop cutting the yard as often so she can spend time in there. She understands that the owners have to cut it because of the neighborhood association rules. But she wished they would stop doing it like every three days. And I have noticed that the grass has been growing for a week and a half or two weeks before they cut it. She said she wished that and made it happen. This gives her the opportunity to have a space near the tree that she calls home where she can venture out, explore, and create in a more natural space.

Bill: What kind of tree is that?

El: Juniper.

Bill: And what does she feel about you?

El: She didn’t say it with words but she is comfortable with my energy because we both have the same sense of absolute trust that we will be taken care of and that everything good can be yours if you believe you deserve it and if you give back to the earth. We have the same upbeat, airy vibration. We are not wigged out by things easily.

Bill: Would you say she is more the air element than the other elements?

El: Yes but there is kind of flowery energy mixed in.

Bill: Like a flower fairy?

El: I am not sure what your sense of a flower fairy is but I think she would be a good candidate.

Bill: Humans seem to make what she does into such a ponderous, serious activity where here you have a fairy who works with making dreams real as a playful and innocent action.

El: She was talking like “I don‘t understand why people don’t celebrate more” and I was agreeing saying “We should get some confetti and throw a party” and she got excited and almost fell off the ladder. I often have the feeling of wanting to celebrate something.

Bill: I am assuming she is part of a genre of fairies who have the same vibration.

El: She was probably like that. She is now part of a community she chose and not the one she was born into. These are her friends rather that what we might call blood relatives. But yeah I have seen other fairies with that same outlook on life.

Bill: So the fairy in your backyard is different from the astral plane fairy kingdoms where everything is closely interwoven so there is like a hierarchy whereas she moves freely between everything she is encountering?

El: Yeah. And fairies can choose that. They don’t have to be part of a fairy court or a fairy kingdom. It is just what they want to do like humans. Some want to be part of a community and some want to be solitary.

Bill: Does she sing?

El: She says she hums. If you want one that sings you can contact one of her other friends who you can meet when you visit.

Bill: Give me a moment. Okay. So you could invite her into your dreams at night?

El: Oh yeah. She will probably show up there anyway now that we have connected. She wants to be friends with me. She says she has never had a close human friend before and I told her I am not human. She says, “I know but you are in a human body and that is what I meant.” She wants to play at some point so I asked her if she would be willing to do down to the creek with me. She says that if I let her know in advance she will get in the car with us and go. But she says we have to bring her back here too so we need to let her know when we are leaving too.

Bill: I suspect you could offer her something that she would like perhaps a fruit or scent that she would like place at the foot of her tree?

El: I do things like that all the time but she said that she is actually happy with the way things are outside. She said she is really grateful for the fairy ring. If I want her to come into the house or into my room she would feel most at home if I put eucalyptus and lemon oil into the diffusor and made a smell like that.

Bill: It disperses it like an aerosol?

El: Yes.

Bill: That is almost like enchanting music for her, that scent?

El: Yeah. She says it gives her a sense of being home like us walking into a room with enjoyable music on. It is relaxing for her and makes it easier for her to be a part from the out of doors.

Bill: We will wrap this up for now. Thank you.

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