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William Mistele- About Fairies, Part 2 of 3

By on August 6, 2016 in SUPERNATURAL
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William Mistele- About Fairies, Part 2 of 3

The conversation about fairies, elves, and mermaids continues from William (Bill) Mistele’s Facebook page, from the Biography of a Pleiadian. Skype transcript 7/9/16, Part I

Click HERE for part 1

Bill: I think I have run into three of what I call wood elves. Would you say a wood elf is like a fairy?

El: No. They are a bit different. And it is funny because Pleiadians are often called the elves. Tolkien’s elves often have a lot of ego but it is the beauty we are attracted to which is very similar to the beauty of a Pleiadian—the platinum hair, the tall stature, and their elegant style. But I would say the wood elves have a couple of things in common with fairies. I think of them as more reserved. They are not as playful, more regal. They are very polite, artistic, and musically inclined. They do it in a more refined manner. Like the difference between a fairy and an elf would be going to an Irish dance party with fairies. And then going to like listening to a Gregorian chant by a very refined individual.

Bill: And do you run into wood elves in nature?

El: Yes. They walk by looking dreamlike and ethereal. They are not so focused on making a connection.

Bill: They are more separate from the human realm?

El: Yeah. More separate. Fairies are about everything in nature. Their heart is with the fox, the raccoon, and the elk. But the elves have like a kinship with the elk and the majestic animals. In some ways, they share the same regal essence. So the elf would be almost like a god to the elk or the fox whereas a fairy would be like an older brother or sister.

Bill: But you can also find very evolved, magical, intelligent fairies?

El: Absolutely. There are all sorts of fairies. Some are very wise, ancient, and have been around since nearly the beginning of the earth.

Bill: So in that sense some are evolved like a king or queen of the four elements?

El: Yes.

Bill: So fairies are all of nature so that would include the wind, the trees, the forests, the flowers, the rocks, and streams?

El: There are always distinctions between an air fairy and a water fairy. A water fairy is different from a mermaid. There is usually a fairy type that corresponds to its element especially like wood or tree. There are crystal fairies. There are even book fairies—fairies that want to preserve culture and they are often more connected to Ireland. I have even asked fairies to help me find a parking place when I go up to Flagstaff and shop where there is usually never a parking place.

Bill: I have found flower fairies that are incarnated. Have you run into any incarnated flower fairies?

El: One girl was the most fairy type person I have ever met. It was like Tolkien too because she has this super cool English accent. She had a connection directly into the world of fairy. I watched her walk in the woods. She is like me in that she puts one foot directly in front of the other; she watches where she is stepping so she doesn’t crush certain types of pine needles. She tries to go around certain patches of grass because she doesn’t want to disturb their spiritual growth. She was like fifty years old. She grew up in Wilshire, England. Bill: What kind of fairy would you say she was?

El: If I had to put a label on it I might call her a forest fairy. Maybe a wood elf but I am saying forest because she had a tree like energy because she was very grounded. Trees are like antenna to spiritual and cosmic activity. The ringing cedar trees of Russia, actually the Siberian pine, are particularly like that.

Bill: You said there was a second child you found who was lost?

El: Yeah. I have helped multiple kids. But there was a kid that was lost and police and people were looking for her. I had no idea. I was like walking through the woods. And I kept seeing police go by. And I usually don’t reach out and talk to people. But I asked some people, “What are you doing? Why are there all these people out here?” And they said, “They are looking for a lost girl. She has been gone for several hours. She might have been kidnapped. Her mother is in hysterics.” So I said to the fairies, “Come on. This child was not meant to die in this forest. This should be a safe haven for every child that comes into our space. I would take care of your child if it fell into my world as if she were mine.” So they lead me to her. And she was pretty far out. And if she had kept going she probably would have killed herself falling off of a cliff. But I found her and I brought her back and I was talking to the police. She ended up being okay. Just a few scratches. That was a more elaborate happening.

Bill: That was in Colorado?

El: Yes.

Bill: How old was she?

El: She was like almost four.

Bill: How did that go finding her?

El: I saw a fairy trail initially but it started to get kind of faint. This may sound kind of corny but I just followed my heart literally. Have you ever seen the movie, The Princess Bride? The guy is looking for which direction to go and he holds his sword in front and starts walking. That is kind of what I did. I had to go a pretty long way to find her.

Bill: This other girl I know can do that. She can actually not know where someone is and she can sense where they are and just walk toward them.

El: Yes. I have done that too with other people back East. There was a girl who I kind of act as her higher self and I felt she was in danger one night. I sat there and I went through a map of the roads in my head. And it was like I pointed to it and thought, “She is right there.” And I didn’t even know what the house looked like. She was at a party and a bunch of guys were getting way too over the top with her and she was tipsy and not able to make decisions for herself. And I was able to get her out of there.

Bill: We talked about the most difficult fairy trail you followed. How about the most enchanting or beautiful one?

El: I run into those a lot. One was a waterfall that gets very beautiful when the rain is heavy. Another was a mile north of Crystal Lake where there was a waterfall with blue green water and dragonflies everywhere. The fairies said this was a place of “worship” using a human word though the word in their language does not translate. They just took me to a sacred spot of theirs.

Bill: You have had many experiences with insects like the Praying Mantis. Do they have a kind magical, telepathic interaction or is it totally different?

El: Praying Manti are much more like the Greys than they are any fairies. They are not fairies. They are of one mind with the Greys. They are masters in their own right. My favorite is the Orchard Mantis because they are so beautiful. But like the Greys they get a small emotional range when I am with them. And they feel inclined to be close to me and gentle and not pinch me. They are very regal. They have been involved in the hybrid child program and they are absolute masters of telepathy.

Bill: The Mantis?

El: Yes. When we first got here to Sedona I saw two Greys crossing the road and then they vanished into thin air. And when we got up the next morning there were praying mantis all over our house.

Bill: Do you notice the fairies are changed by your presence?

El: Yeah. It is more like they recognize me as someone to be respected whereas with most humans it is like “Get me away from here. Why are they in my forest?” And there is this anxiety like the humans are going to cut down the trees or something. But when I come here it is like a sense of reverence but also great excitement because they are excited to have a human who is not typically human. They seem happier. Oh. I recall just now that once they took me to see a fairy baby. It was so cute. And they had little weeds as a baby blanket. That was the best thing ever. It was in a space like a hole beneath a tree.

Bill: Do fairies gravitate toward energy vortices and Feng Shui locations?

El: Vortices will attract all sorts of beings including negative beings and ETs. But fairies are not attracted to them because they don’t have the same agenda. For a fairy, “My portal is more like this tree. This is where I came when I was young and on a spiritual journey and this is my tree.” So fairies are after things they can define for themselves where as an ET uses an energy vortex as more like a launching site.

Bill: Do the fairies work with weather—wind and rain?

El: Sort of. They don’t cause it to happen. That is more like a sylph, mermaid, or salamander depending on which part of the storm you are talking about. But they can facilitate it on a small scale. Like they can direct a raindrop to the roots of a plant that needs it. Like they can help a raindrop move two inches so a plant can drink. In nature magic, it is like the mermaids or sylphs would be a mother whereas the fairies would be the midwife.

Bill: So if you wanted to have a dream about a certain plant with specific herbal properties that would say heal infections, would fairies come to you to give you that insight?

El: Yes. Fairies are very involved like they are very here for women and natural birth control. But they know the plants and where to guide you to find them.

Bill: And so for a woman’s period?

El: Yeah. They have had me use angelica root. I had very little herbal knowledge at the time. Fairies can help facilitate solutions so things work out okay.

Bill: And what about in direct healing, say you had an ache or sprain you wanted help with?

El: On rare occasions fairies can heal things directly but usually they use a conduit because they like the connection like using an herb. Or, another form of healing—like honey bees and fairies are like really good friends. The fairies have honey bee therapy where they will cause a honey bee to land on you enchanting you so you appear like a flower or just by asking the bee. And the bee’s vibration can unblock the energy flow. And they did that to one of my ears once when I had an ear infection. So they do stuff like that. They do herbal stuff. Sometimes they will have a butterfly land on you like on your heart. I have a good standing with butterflies.

Bill: So could you say that there are certain kinds of fairies that specialize in butterflies or certain kinds of flowers?

El: I think so.

Bill: Do you ever get the feeling that you create fairies if you are in a certain euphoric state?

El: It is more like I provide a way for them to be there. My excitement might open a portal.

Bill: Do fairies interact with you when you are falling asleep and waking up?

El: It is better if I am in nature. They are always around me. All I have to do is look out the window. They are always ready to be there. It is like just sitting together—the art of being. But they love the fact that I have musical instruments and that I have books. Sometimes they will borrow a crystal or a hairpin and I will find it somewhere else later. They will sometimes push a book off my shelf if it is something they want me to read.

Bill: So if you are in a book store they will sometimes guide you to a certain book?

El: Yeah. There are book fairies. And those seem to be more Celtic, Irish, and Scottish in nature.

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