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William Mistele- About Fairies, Part 1 of 3

By on August 5, 2016 in SUPERNATURAL
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William Mistele- About Fairies, Part 1

By William Mistele

Do you like fairies? Do you have a fairy garden? If so, you will love this conversation from William (Bill) Mistele’s Facebook page, from the Biography of a Pleiadian. Skype transcript 7/9/16, Part I

Bill: So this thing about your seeing fairy trails when you are out in the woods—when did that first start and what did you first think about it?

El: It has been happening as long as I can remember. And when I say, trails through the woods, I grew up in a confined way. So we never went to the woods very much. But when we went to the park I would see the trails leading to the more nature side of the park. Like I watched the movie, Brave, where Merida follows the wisps. That is what it is like. We just follow the light.

Bill: Describe a fairy trail.

El: It depends on the fairy. Every trail is different. Some of them look like sparkly gold glitter. Another looks like a road of moss. It just depends. It is like a radiating aura suspended almost like a tunnel hovering above the ground, at least for me. It is a different, color, texture, and size for each fairy.

Bill: And you have been doing that since you were really young?

El: Oh yeah. I think almost everyone has some kind of relationship with fairies because fairy blood is part of human blood in the very distant past in some way. I would spend time with them. I would like put acorns in the trees and I would water the moss if it looked too dry. It is funny but when leaves would fall around me I would never touch them or try to catch them because a fairy told me when I was a child—she said, “Don’t interrupt them because they are on their own spiritual journey. Let them fall the way they want to fall. If they land on you they were meant for you.

Bill: So how many of these fairies do you see or do you just sense them?

El: A lot. I see fairies every single day of my life. They are actually the easiest elemental to see. They are everywhere. It doesn’t matter if you are in the city or out in nature. You will see more obviously in the deep forest. But even in a little patch of moss in the concrete there is usually a fairy there. That is what they do. Every leaf, every patch of moss has a guardian or it is a consciousness that is aware.

Bill: Tell me about the kings and queens of the fairies or the more evolved ones.

El: As a kid I used to watch Thumbelina. My favorite scene is where the king and the queen of the fairies ride in on their little carriage and the fairy prince rides his bumblebee. It was cool that the movie portrayed that because honey and bumble bees are very connected to fairies. And actually when I saw the fairy queen on the screen I kept calling her my mother. And my mom got freaked out so I couldn’t watch the movie any more. Fairies have their own agenda but they have a strong connection to women. I really enjoyed reading The Mists of Avalon by Marion Zimmer Bradley. In one of her prologues, she states that fairies had to take the form of women at one point. And I really feel that she tapped into that part of human history even if she didn’t know that she was. They are part of my heart.

Bill: So as the mermaid queen Isaphil would come to you when you were young, did the fairies ever come to you to talk to you and meditate with you, that sort of thing?

El: Oh my gosh. Like all the times. The mermaids are selective when they come to you. The incarnated mermaids will tell you they don’t just show up 24/7 even though we might be able to feel them all the time. But there is rarely a moment when there isn’t a fairy right there willing to speak. So it is odd that legends like in Ireland portray fairies as over mischievous or vindictive because I haven’t really seen one like that. There is one bush here in the backyard that is a fairy bush and I swore to the fairies and the honey bees that I would never cut it unless it became sick or something. Because that is their bush and I hear violin music coming from it a lot. And I promised them I would never look into it because they don’t look into my spaces.

Bill: Could you write down one of these fairy melodies for me sometime?

El: I think so. Maybe I could write it out on the computer. It sounds like Celtic music for the most part but other times it is just an instrument like wooden wind chimes. There are just so many genres of fairy music. You have to tell me which genre you want.

Bill: Since you play violin maybe you can connect more easily if you hear violin music.

El: Yes. I learn by ear so if I hear it I can play it.

Bill: Can you see a fairy right now?

El: Yes. I am looking out the window in the back bedroom and by the tree there are fairies all over. They are so cute.

Bill: So they are about three or four inches tall?

El: There are actually different sizes because there are different races of fairies. There is a pretty diverse range. Like some look more like a leaf than a person and then others look more human.

Bill: Do they all have wings?

El: Some of them have wings. But they can glide or float even if they don’t have wings.

Bill: And you see fairies down by the stream too?

El: All the time. They are like little water men. They have like a little bit of mermaid in them but they are more airy. And they are not mischievous like they are trying to play tricks on people. They just don’t have the same defining ideas that people have. It is like many of them are the spirit of laughter.

Bill: So we could have standup comedians who communicate fairy laughter to human beings?

El: I haven’t seen any comedians who do that but there is always the first time. There are different personalities within fairies. Some are silent and they are like the innocence and purity within a flower. And others are more active, cute things. And then others have that laughing, dancing quality and others are more solemn and still. Not gnome like but they have a specific purpose—which over a patch of grass. They are slightly more business oriented if you want to put it that way.

Bill: And have you had a long lasting connection with any of them?

El: Yes. One is named Lily. She has always been there. And there is a fairy named Galadriel. She is actually connected to someone else. But I have seen her several times. There are really so many that I have seen over and over again. I talk about the girls more often. They are super cute and they have their own culture. I feel Ireland has a lot of healing to do because of the rise of Christianity. Like maybe healing will bring back the memory of the old people and they will remember the times when humans used to see them. We used to walk side by side. They have always been here but one day humans just stopped believing in them.

Bill: So to leave a fairy trail, is the fairy doing that intentionally? Because you often say that before you go into the woods you will ask, “How can I help?”

El: I almost always have an intuitive meeting in the first place but I try to be polite. And I ask because if they know what needs help they will point me in that direction. But they are aware they can leave a trail if they want to. But all fairies leave a faint trail no matter where they go, though sometimes it is so faint that human clairvoyance can’t pick it up. So when they intend it they leave a very visible fairy path. They consciously decide to do it.

Bill: You gave examples of where they try to be helpful like the baby deer.

El: Yeah or I will find lost children and I will find the family. I found a baby deer that was like the cutest thing in the world. And she had her little foot stuck in a soda can and couldn’t get it out. It was like cutting her leg up. So I was able to get that out. And there were some herbs and leaves that aid healing fast. I fixed her up. I went and sat in a distance and her mom came back a few hours later. And up in Flagstaff there is a lot of deforesting. And for every tree they cut down I planet two or three more. And I have planted over two thousand trees in the past year. But I also plant tomatoes and spinach that the raccoons can eat because their woods have been destroyed.

Bill: You also ran into the raccoons?

El: Oh yeah. I see them all the time.

Bill: That was part of the fairy trail you were following one time?

El: It was like part of it. I didn’t have the seeds on me until I went out the next time but it was clear what I was supposed to be doing. And before I came here I talked to the fairies in Black Forest, Colorado. It is a different vibration.

Bill: So there is a difference between Sedona fairies and Colorado fairies.

El: Yeah. There is a difference. They all have the same agenda. But the they are different in the way they will interact with you. The Sedona fairies are more on board with humanity. There are still some gaps. Whereas the Colorado fairies were like “Oh my gosh—humanity. What is this travesty?” They don’t mean harm but they know who to seek out and who is actually going to help them with certain things.

Bill: So you said you found human children?

El: Lost children. Like near popular trails the parents are like taking pictures and not paying attention to their children who wander off and get lost in the woods. Sometimes the fairies will watch over the child. And once there was a lost child crying in the middle of some leaves. I never usually went by that area. But I did that day because I was following a fairy. And I found him. He was like three minutes from the trail. But he was a child. He was not going to find his way back on his own. So I was able to bring him back to his parents. It is not just humans that I help. Like one time I was lead into the middle of a creek. And I wondered, “What am I supposed to be doing here? You want me to move a rock for you?” And I looked down and there were like five baby crayfish who were in shallow water. So I took them to the deep end where they were happy and they still live there.

Bill: They needed to be in deeper water?

El: Yeah. There was like a barrier of rocks coming out in the dry season. And I needed to carry them over the rock. And none of them pinched me or were aggressive. The fairies told them she is going to help you and build you a house where humans won’t step on you.

Bill: And other things you have rescued? Have you rescued birds?

El: So many birds. I rescued a white-throated swift in Colorado. They are a very exotic bird. They can fly over two hundred miles an hour. And it made me cry because this group of boys in a car intentionally hit her with their car and then they drove off. I pulled my car over and picked her up and got special permission to keep her for about a week. So I rescued her. And one of the parakeets you will meet when you come here is a rescue. Someone just tossed him out of a house.

Bill: So the fairy trail you talked about is something you initiate by asking, How can I help?

El: Sometimes. They can take me to an obvious location. But some of the trails are already there because they know I am going to be there.

Bill: So you are saying the trails are set up intentionally for you because they know you are coming?

El: Yes.

Bill: And you follow them. Is there a thing where the fairies say, “That’s it. Well done.”

El: Not all the time saying, “Well done.” But they usually find ways to do things for me. Like one time I cleaned up an immense amount of trash around a waterfall. And the waterfall which as actually quite large was being blocked because there was that much trash. I spent all day cleaning. And then at the end of the day one of the fairy trails lead me a little past the waterfall up to a rock and I thought I missed something. And I reached under a stone and found a rose quartz wand. And the fairy gave that to me. So they reward me in small ways like with a flower, a crystal, or sometimes with words. Or a situation or opportunity will present itself and they will say, “We made this happen. We helped you in achieving it because it was something that you wanted.’

Bill: What is a rose quartz wand?

El: It is a rose quartz crystal that is formulated into a point so you can use it as a wand if you wanted to.

Bill: And what was the most serious or complex situation a fairy trail took you to?

El: I helped an animal die. I ended up being out in the woods and there was a fox that had one of its feet caught in a trap. That is not usually enough for a death situation because I can help them get out or I call professionals to help. Animals can survive without a leg. But this fox was just so disturbed. And he said to me, “I don’t want to live anymore. If you heal me, I am just going to find another way to die the minute that you leave me.” So I call a vet and told her what was happening and she drove out. She had worked with wild life. The fox wasn’t aggressive. He didn’t snap at me the way foxes sometimes do. I just held him and it was really sad and she put him to sleep there. But it wasn’t as bad as it could be because his spirit came to me latter and said, “Thank you and in my next life I will be much more happy.” So it is sad when I have to help things cross over sometimes but that is sometimes the best help you can give to someone.

Bill: Who did you call to come help?

El: It was a wild life veterinarian but she didn’t have her own clinic. It was normal to call her because she gets called all the time and if animal control is full they would direct you to her. And she came out and accessed the situation and she had an open mentality. And she was like “Yeah. This guy doesn’t want to be here and I am going to assist him to the other side so he doesn’t feel pain.”

Bill: So what we have been talking about is you in this physical world see fairies who guide you to other situations also in this physical world. Do they ever take you into dream states to their own realms?

El: Oh yeah. All the time. I have gone into what you could call a fairy court. It’s a nature style courtyard where you might imagine a fairy king and queen would sit if you want to put it that way. We had conversations about how Pleiadians are different from fairies. We don’t have a hierarchy where one person says this other person is going to do this or that. Whereas fairies actually like having a hierarchy right now. And it is an honor for the other fairies to assist the king and queen. It was cool because we were exchanging culture ideas basically. And it was nice because they were not offended perhaps the way some humans would be. They were like, “Oh. That is pretty cool.”

Bill: And did you experience that while you were awake or asleep in a dream?

El: They came to me while I was asleep and they said to me, “We are going on a trip. Pack your astral bags.” I have meditated also where they will come to me and guide me. I usually don’t even have to meditate. I mean spirits come to me anyway. But sometimes when fairies come they will lead me out of the house. And I will go walking and they will lead me to a fairy portal which is like a gap in a tree or the typical fairy circles or a hole in something that is like a gate to another realm. And they will talk to me about it even if I don’t pass through or even look through it. They will say, “We just want you to know it is here.” It is one of the ways we can go back and forth between realms. I think it is just a form of being friendly by them.

Bill: So in this case you are physically leaving the house?

El: Yeah. But sometimes I will go with them in dreams too so that is not unusual at all.

Bill: Are there other fairy portals around near the house?

El: There are hundreds but they are in places where human beings wouldn’t notice. I mentioned the bush in the backyard that is overgrown and that has a fairy portal in there. But I will never look inside of it until they say explicitly, “You can look inside of it.”

Bill: In the druid tradition they will say like “Ask permission before you enter a stone circle.” Whereas in Harry Potter they go running through a stone circle and I am thinking, “Oops.”

El: Sometimes if you step confidently forward they will recognize you as one of their own but you cannot come from a place of arrogance. It has to be a place of knowing like “We are family and I am just here to honor you as my family.” But part of that is Pleiadian in that there is cultural engineering where you learn to talk in ways others can understand consistent with their culture.

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