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What Is Our Connection With The Grey Aliens?

By on September 5, 2016 in SUPERNATURAL
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What Is Our Connection With The Grey Aliens?

By Michelle Walling, CHLC
Editor, WooWoo Media

Whitley Streiber recently interviewed Linda Moulton Howe about the connection between grey aliens and humans currently on the planet. In this bizzare description of incidents, humans morphed into grey aliens for a moment and then morphed back.

In analyzing how this happened, it seems that the gray either steps into a completely unknowing person or they are actually us from the future. Both explanations are considered, as well as the holographic projection of the human body breaking down for a moment.

The grey aliens in this account were described in detail, as a massage therapist had her hands on a human that morphed into a grey. The fingertips of this species are flattened out at the end.

Whitley adds the icing on the cake with his own account of morphing! This is well worth the listen.

This whole discussion is very thought provoking, and left me with the question of what it would look like if the veil of the illusion of this reality is lifted. People would be able to see other for who they really are; their future lives, past lives, and energy fields. There would be no more hiding, no false light agendas, and no secrets. Furthermore, the lines between good and bad begin to erase as judgment dwindles. All are seen as connected to Source and what we have known as our reality seems like just an experience inside of an experiment gone awry.



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About the author:
Michelle WallingMichelle Walling, CHLC is a Holistic Life Coach, international public speaker, writer, webmaster, and radio show host. In 2013, Michelle started her public career as a spiritual, metaphysical, and esoteric contributing writer for and Michelle is the creator and webmaster for,,, and is the co-creator for WooWoo Michelle is the host of In5d’s Cosmic Awakening Showand In5d Network.
Her personal Facebook page can be found here.

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