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The Sasquatch Have A Message For Humanity

By on July 22, 2016 in PARANORMAL
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The Sasquatch Have A Message For Humanity

by Michelle Walling, CHLC
Editor, WooWoo Media

The Sasquatch people are a high vibrational level of human that have the ability to appear into a third dimensional body as well as disappearing into the next vibration out of our sight. It is obvious from their elusiveness that they are psychic and know when they need to move into another dimension to avoid capture. Sasquatch are actually benevolent beings that have a message for humanity in order to help us move into another consciousness at this time.

The Abominable Snowman, Sasquatch, or Bigfoot

Many people have either heard or seen what looks like the “Abominable Snowman” or “Bigfoot” in the woods of the world. Most sightings have been reported in the Pacific Northwest and in places like East Texas, but in reality they exist all over the world. They usually come out at night and are elusive to humanity because they do not want to be captured or shot. They have made their presence known to many people and have the ability to communicate telepathically to those who are able to receive their messages. People who think about the Sasquatch and who are driven to study about them are usually receiving these thoughts from them as they make first contact with humanity.

Many different tribes of Native Americans have accepted Sasquatch into their lives and have different names for them. The most prevalent Sasquatch are many feet taller than us (some as tall as 19 feet) and are like big hairy giants. Some have conical heads and have a slight hump on their back, and they look like they do not have a neck. They are highly evolved humanoids that are more advanced in than we are. However, there are actually several different races of Sasquatch on the planet.

In this interview, Nancy Wallace interviews Kewaunee Lapseritis about his experience with the Sasquatch:

Kewaunee said that he has had contact with the Sasquatch as well as other extraterrestrials. In his communication he has found out that Sasquatch were brought here by the “star people’ before this model of humans was here on the planet. Kewaunee describes the difficulty he had in believing any of this until his actual contact occurred.

Kewaunee suffered from a ruptured disc in his back which causes pinched nerves and pain throughout his back and legs. When the Sasquatch found out about this, they gave some herbal recommendation for Kewaunee to take to heal. They live in a physical body and survive in the woods, and even have excrement from the things they eat.

The Sasquatch are very tuned in to what is happening on the Earth at this time. They tell us that the planet is dying because of the way that we have treated it with our waste and extractions. They have a similar message to Kewaunee that my sister gets often from her angels. “Just know that we are watching over you and protecting you, and we love you very much”.

Nancy reads some excerpts from the book in the video which describe more messages that Kewaunee received. They say that we are about to enter a New Earth that our God has re-created for us. They tell Kewaunee that his memory of how he got here at this time has been erased, but that he can find the knowledge inside of himself. This knowledge should be used not for gain; only for good. They also say that our world is not the same as their world, time is not the same as our time, and space is not the same and their space, but that there are corridors between that open and shut, They saw that there is no “I” or “me”; that we are all ONE and each one is a part of the whole. What one does, all do.

Until we learn that we are killing the planet, we may have some heard lessons on the planet. It seems like the Sasquatch are here to give us a pre-warning to pull our heads out of the sand and make a difference before it is too late. They follow Kewaunee wherever he goes to make sure that he shares their messages with humanity and that he is safe while doing so.

You can also find out more about the Sasquatch and find Kewuanee’s books, including The Sasquatch People at his website:

About the author:
Michelle WallingMichelle Walling, CHLC is a Holistic Life Coach, international public speaker, writer, webmaster, and radio show host. In 2013, Michelle started her public career as a spiritual, metaphysical, and esoteric contributing writer for and Michelle is the creator and webmaster for,,, and is the co-creator for WooWoo Michelle is the host of In5d’s Cosmic Awakening Showand In5d Network.
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