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Rising Of Sensory And Elemental Shifts

By on August 16, 2016 in METAPHYSICAL
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Rising Of Sensory And Elemental Shifts

By Aluna Joy

We have shared a lot about symptoms that we are going through as we prepare for the shift (If you are new to this, please search for a list of ascension symptoms). Most of the past symptoms have been about ascending our minds and bodies to adapt to new frequencies. It has been fun but challenging.

During the next phase of our Ascension, we will experience an acceleration of physical and sensory wobbles (shifts). These will be the most obvious symptoms that we will experience, as we begin to physically shift into the next dimension. Our five senses will begin to fade out of one realm and slowly enter a new, higher frequency realm. Yep … This might get a bit weird. But some of these, you are already experiencing (P.S. If you are concerned about what you are feeling, always talk to your doctor about your symptoms).

Our Hearing…
We will begin to notice that part of what we hear will be missing; Like you can’t quite focus on what someone is saying. You can hear the sound coming out of their mouth, but it isn’t computing. We might evolve past our current way of communicating. We might miss hearing some parts of pre-recorded music… Like the base or treble will be missing. This is because the music had been recorded in fading, old frequencies. Audio might sound distorted. Music played live will be more clear, but if the intent is of an old consciousness, the ability to hear it as it was intended will be compromised. We might also hear fantastic things that are not of this reality. We might hear incredible music, hear someone talking (sometimes in unknown languages), or hear beautiful ethereal frequencies.

Our Sight…
We might have blurry vision, or weird double vision, that seems to come and go. We might see things that we know are not there. We might notice an increase of seeing auras, new colors, flashes of beautiful light, flashes of other fantastic dimensions, and other unexplainable and wonderful, confusing visions. If this is going on, maybe you should not be driving a car at the time.

Our Smell…
We might notice that we are missing the usual smells in our world. Food might smell different, or we might smell things that appear to not be there at all. We might smell flowers in the room, or flowers might have a noticeable change of aroma, etc…. When we smell the next higher dimensions, the aromas around us will change into something even more pleasing.

Our Touch…
We might feel numb and detached from anything that we touch as we continue to disconnect from the old world. We will find that this makes us unsure of our material world. We might bump into things, stumble, trip and drop things. Just be careful when you feel wobbly. Accidents have been on the rise. When we start connecting to the new world, touch will be heightened. At first this might feel like our touch is too sensitive, almost painful as we adjust. But this is a necessary adjustment to higher frequencies.

Our Taste…
Our taste will change similarly to our smelling abilities. Our usual diet that we eat might not taste as nice as we remember. Some foods will become utterly tasteless. Other foods will taste even more heavenly. Some foods will simply just taste different. We will soon learn what foods need to be ignored and what other foods need to be added to our diet.

What is happening is that we are slowly going sensory blind to the old world, and waking up to a new world of senses. All these symptoms we might notice even more after meditation, when we are out in nature, or just as we are about to fall asleep. Yes, it is a bit crazy, but you asked for this, and we are waking up. We might feel a bit confused and yet fascinated by all these shifts. All these sensory issues can be disorienting, and make us a bit agitated and unsure at the least. But if we stay grounded (earthed) and breathe through them, it will be easier to go with it, rather than trying to hang on to where we were. We will certainly learn what we are still trying to “control”. Control is really based in fear, and is a repeating habit … a mechanistic way of living that is not part of the new world. We will learn that there is nothing that we can actually control. We need to allow the flow, and be okay with not knowing where this huge wave is taking us. All we can do now is trust and surf the humongous wave that we are on.

The four elements….
Earlier in January 2016, we began to see the four elements of Earth beginning the process of clearing the etheric records of the Earth. We were already seeing the element of Water beginning this process. We witnessed the oceans rising up and executing a mass clearing of Earth’s etheric record based in powerful emotion. It was a powerful time. This is a vital clearing process at the closing of a past cycle and at the beginning of a new cycle. This process is also amplified and assisted by large magnetic storms and solar flares from the sun. We were told the other three elements … fire, air, and earth … would soon follow suit. This is beginning to happen already.

This May, it appears that the element of Fire is now being activated with the beginning of a huge wildfire season. Also, the element of Air is already exhibiting strong tornados and atmospheric turbulences causing air travelers some significant and scary bumps in their flights.

To be clear here… We do not share this information to frighten you, as you know in your hearts that you are safe wherever you are. All is in divine order even though it looks a bit crazy right now. We want to share this information to excite you, and to let you know that all your hard work that you have done is beginning to manifest the change that you have been asking for. The four elements are being activated and starting to clear out all things that we no longer need from our physical environment. Even our five senses are seeing changes.

We are beginning to see that the year of 2016 will be remembered as a year of extremes, on all levels, that were brought to the surface to be cleared. We can already see this environmentally, politically, socially, geographically, etc….

If we feel it, experience it and witness it (as most sensitives can attest to), we also heal it. Everything that is not of balanced frequencies will be flushed to the surface to be cleared. Our eyes and hearts are open, and we are seeing and feeling the changes.

There are few places where we can feel a perfect balance with at this juncture in our history. These places are on or near sacred energy points on the Earth. You most likely have a balance point very close to you right now, so go find it! The obvious balance points that most people know about are ley lines, node points (where ley lines cross) and sacred sites like temples, pyramids and stone circles, etc… It is here where we can find balance and, most importantly, begin to assimilate new emerging energies and frequencies that we will need to build our new world.

So if you are still reading this… Congratulations! You survived the 20 Mayan core days within 6 retrograde planets ending in a massive solar magnetic storm! That was the wildest ride yet.

(Conceived on the exact center of the center of the Mayan calendar (April 28-29, 2016) with 6 retrograde planets; But posted just after the last of the 20 Mayan core days on May 8th, Mother’s Day, with a huge 27 hour long geomagnetic storm triggering a deep healing of the mother/goddess archetype.)

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