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How To Recognize Light From Dark

By on February 2, 2017 in METAPHYSICAL
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How To Recognize Light From Dark

By Diane Canfield

The biggest step in evolution is to be able to recognize LIGHT from Dark. Light cares about others BUT not in a way that furthers their own agenda. Dark cares about self and many times in this reality masquerades as LIGHT.

YOU must be able to look past words and look at agendas to see LIGHT and DARK. What does the person have to gain? This is how we see agendas. What is the motivator behind the person? Too often there is manipulation that takes place and many are not able to see beyond the dark manipulation. Yes all manipulation is dark. 

This speaks to our own shadow side as well, dark is not to be embraced but instead transformed into LIGHT. Dark is to be processed, worked with and transmuted. The same way an addict can be transformed from self hatred to self love. We would show them how to fall in love with themselves.

Light and dark also have a feeling that goes along with them energetically. Light feels light and honest. Dark feels like hidden secrets and lies. Light is light and airy. Dark is a drained and sluggish feeling. Dark is one of confusion. Light is one of clarity.

I love you,

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