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How To Make Contact NOW!

By on November 28, 2016 in ET's AND UFO'S
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How To Make Contact NOW!

By Carlos Tavares
Guest Writer,

The objective is to make individual personal contact NOW with entities and civilizations from other worlds, dimensions, frequencies and from different times!

Time for the Next Step in Human Evolution and Exploration

Up until now making contact has always happened far in the distant past or will happen far in the distant future. That has been the “safe” option for most who do not really want to take this head on. Whether it is the series “Ancient Aliens” or some Sci-fi movie, but what about right now!

Just imagine what a massive boost making open contact will have to this planet and its collapsing consciousness! The mind blowing inspiration to see for oneself a truly majestic craft. To open our minds beyond all our pettiness. To see something that is so great that after that moment NOTHING will ever be the same again!

There have been hundreds of contactees and ten of millions of abductees! How about making some documentaries on what is happening right now? Always we hear the BS story that ‘the people will not be able to handle the truth’. The ones saying this are the very people who have benefited immensely from their Contacts as well as from back engineering captured or shot down craft. They know if this were to be a common thing that they would lose all their power over us.

Of course the “Contact” I am talking about would at last be a more benevolent type of contact, where we too can benefit and grow from the interaction.

We have had enough of some of the other Contact where we have been abducted, removed from this world and even worse! We did not consent to that! Some of the Elite and Governments may have made certain agreements with certain races for their benefit of getting technologies from them, in exchange for them abducting some of the people! Declaring that they were our leaders and therefore our representatives! This seems to have gotten out of hand with the millions of people that have been abducted and continue to be abducted, experimented with and have their genetic material removed! Lets us just get this clear and out of the way here once and for all (both for Humans and ETs picking up on this!):


  1. As a sovereign independent and spiritual being, no one has domain over me, other than myself.
  2. No one represents me other than myself.
  3. I am not part of any Industrial Military Complex, group or government where the technologies gained are used for warfare or further empowering and benefiting the controllers over the masses!
  4. Any and all past contracts agreed upon by our so called leaders and representatives with any ET races, on our behalf is now totally no longer valid.
  5. I no longer agree to any and all clandestine interactions with ETs, where my mind has been manipulated, false memories implanted as well as having my memories purposely blocked or compartmentalized!
  6. All contact and interactions from now and onwards will be in an open and mutually respective way with no memory blocks!
  7. The purpose of my contacts is for my own growth, evolution and expansion of my reality.

Happening Already

Yes there has been an increase in UFO sighting all around the world. Just make the time and have the idea and actually go and look and you will see! This too is also a very personal thing according to where your mind is at and your own “frequency specific”! Until now it was just seeing them afar, doing strange manuevers “power-ups”, travelling at incredible speed or just appearing or disappearing in the sky, changing colors or flashing lights! This is a start but individually or together we can create more! Real CONSCIOUS interactions with the occupants and close-up views of the craft. (Frequency dependent of course, as much of their frequencies could harm us)


If they are but a small frequency away, but in the same space, sometimes the cameras can capture what we cannot yet see. Expanding your mind to other possibilities also helps to remove the mental blocks that prevent you from seeing what is right in front of you!

Creating Contact

As Consciousness and Energy is the basis and foundation of absolutely everything we will start with that. We will start with an idea, a desire, a rough plan! The inception of this idea with focused thought, or meditation or simply through regular contemplation and long thought is what starts to make this reality happen. We must be willing to expand our minds firstly and then for that experience to start to take shape. Where is your mind at most of the time? Redirecting both time and thought as much as you can to the next great adventure, starting with the acquisition of knowledge and possibilities.

As is normal with everything in life you get to a stage where you start to feel really bored with everything. You have done most of the things that you have wanted to do and the boredom is a sign from spirit saying that the old experiences are done. So what do you want to create next?

We cannot just expect the Aliens or ET’s to do everything, to just show up. Why would they waste their time if you have not also contributed to creating the experience? How do you do that? In Consciousness!

On your own terms, as you have the ability to visualize it and create the idea.

Pictures, visuals, books and even Sci-fi are important to plant the seeds into your mind. Use them, contemplate them. Even pictures and videos on the internet all help to create our “CONTACT”. It does not matter if the videos are real or not! It is THE IDEA, THE CONCEPT and THE POSSIBILITY that you are after.

Let’s do this next great adventure! It is high time we meet some of our neighbors for ourselves, no middle men!

(Special thanks to RSE and Alex Collier for all the years that they have been planting these seeds!)

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