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Extraterrestrials On Earth? Reported ET Contact Part 2 of 2

By on July 21, 2016 in ET's AND UFO'S
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Extraterrestrials On Earth? Reported ET Contact Part 2 of 2

By Wes Annac,
Culture of Awareness

(Continued from part 1)

Alex Collier Met Beings from Andromeda

Seasoned UFO researchers are probably familiar with Alex Collier, a contactee who was reportedly visited by an enlightened extraterrestrial species known as the ‘Andromedans’ (2) (the name is based on their constellation of origin).

Alex Collier. Credit:

Collier was mentored by two Andromedans named Vissaeus and Morenae (2). By the 90s, he was already shedding light on government and military secrets people are just now catching onto(2).

He discussed the New World Order (2), the phenomenon of missing children (2), reptilian ETs (2), the shadow government (2) and other subjects that would go on to be covered in depth by other contactees and researchers.

He teaches that the Andromedans operate their civilization with holographic technology (2), and according to him, there are several extraterrestrial races already on earth (2).

Gloria Lee Channeled a Being from Jupiter

Gloria Lee was a 1950s airline stewardess from the United States who became interested in UFOs after witnessing a flying saucer (1). The information available on UFOs at the time confused her, and she wanted to figure out what they were herself (1).


As a result, she turned to automatic writing and began to channel messages from a being who identified as ‘J.W.’, a ‘man from Jupiter’(1).

Her automatic writing eventually evolved into a direct telepathic connection with J.W. (1), which I’d imagine allowed her to communicate with him anytime.

She channeled a book from J.W. titled Why We Are Here (1), and she took credit not as an author, but as a channel (1).

She believed she was an instrument for the book and reportedly felt no pride or sense of accomplishment as an author usually would (1). She was happy to be an instrument for its expression but worried she didn’t have the mental or spiritual strength to see it through (1).


Our next story is even more interesting:

Venusian ‘Omnec Onec’ Became Sheila Schultz

This story details a walk-in on the part of a being from Jupiter named Omnec Onec, who extends her life by inhabiting the body of recently deceased Sheila Schultz on earth (1).

A walk-in is a phenomenon where an otherworldly being inhabits the body of a recently deceased human in accordance with that person’s life plan.

The book UFO: From Venus I Came is written by Omnec Onec, aka Sheila Schultz, and in the book she sheds light on her Venusian life and her walk-in into the body of Sheila, a young hairdresser who died in a bus accident foreseen by Onec’s Venusian elders (1).


Now, for our final account:

Alec Newald Was Harassed by the Government after Boarding a Starship

New Zealander Alec Newald wrote a book, Co-evolution, describing his experiences aboard an extraterrestrial craft for ten days (2). He was quickly harassed by ‘government scientists’ when he returned to earth, which writer/researcher Makia Freeman theorizes was to keep him quiet (2).

Alec Newald. Credit:

The government almost always gets involved in these cases, leading one to think they have an interest in covering up sightings or controlling the outcome with threats and intimidation. If they know you know something, they won’t hesitate to try to silence you.

The extraterrestrials that brought Neward aboard their ship were human-like, technologically advanced and could raise their vibration with biological technology so their bodies were less dense and thus capable of space travel (2).

They could grow anything they wanted by splicing plant and animal genes (2), and they grew sentient ‘houses’ and craft that would obey their thoughts (2).

Their craft were a biological ‘animal/plant mix’ (2). They would operate it with their consciousness, which was an intrinsic part of the vehicle itself (2). Instead of eating, they drank a ‘cosmic solution’ that could be likened to monatomic gold (2).

Their agenda was to gather DNA from earth life to reintegrate themselves and create a ‘bio suit’ in which they could survive in space (2).


I want to explore all of the world’s mysteries.

I won’t deny that some of the stories in this report are wild, but they open the mind to the possibility that otherworldly beings not only walk the earth, but are well known by government agencies that cover up their existence.


The stories here were mostly positive, but there are just as many unsettling ones that center on abductions, experiments, cattle mutilations and a host of other things attributed to negative ETs.

I couldn’t tell you if all this is true because I honestly don’t know. I’ve had UFO sightings and I know something’s out there, but I share this wild information because I’m interested in the topic and I want to know the truth.

I want to explore all of the world’s mysteries, and little by little, we can uncover the truth through open-mindedness, dedicated research, discernment and love for the mystery we strive to understand.


(1)    Rick Keefe, “Benevolent ET Groups”, UFO Hypothesis, n.d. –

(2)    Makia Freeman, “The Top 20 Most Fascinating, Mind-Blowing Alien Contactee / Abductee Cases – Part 1”, The Freedom Articles, October 22, 2015 –

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