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Continued Sasquatch Messages To Humanity From Kamooh

By on October 19, 2016 in SUPERNATURAL
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Continued Sasquatch Messages To Humanity From Kamooh

By Kelly Lapseritis

SunBow began to transcribe new Messages to Humanity as given by Sasquatch Elder Kamooh on October 16, 2016. The completed chapters will be posted here as they are written. These are a continuation of the first 50 chapters that were transcribed and published. Many thanks to all of our Elders for this blessed wisdom.

Chapter 1

My dearest Sasquatch Elder Kamooh has been around for a few days, sitting by and smiling, waiting patiently for me to get ready to work with him again. Tonight on Full Moon, following his instructions, I attached to my sacred pipe some of his hair that he gifted me one month ago on the site where I was to conduct the opening ceremony of the first Spiritual and Psychic Sasquatch Conference, a couple days before the event. I just smoked the prayer pipe, as I try to do at least once a moon, but for the first time with his hair on it. Afterwards, he came by, opening doors, walking with audible footsteps around me, and telling me: ”Let’s get to work.” So tonight I sit with this Eldest Elder of the Sasquatch People asking me to talk on his behalf.

Kamooh says:

”Thank you Little Brother. On behalf of the Sasquatch Elders Council, we are very happy and grateful for the work accomplished and the way we have come through together in the last year. Just one year ago you were finishing the transmission our first message. We made four promises to you that we have kept. So let’s have a brief look at this last year. This first part of our new message will describe your experiences with us and show the validity of our word. This review is to remind you of the progress done and to help the readers understand your connection with us, and why you have been given this mission, to help them develop theirs.”

”First, we promised you that our relation would keep growing stronger and deeper, that you would keep meeting more and more of my Sasquatch People, that we would manifest to you in many ways you would recognize, and that we would be by your side and keep teaching you.”

”Well, when you finished writing our words one year ago and traveled east across the continent, you thought that our contacts would cease but you were met where you first lived by the local clan, and its leader Sepmemtuc taught you about interdimensional portals and how to open and guard them. He first showed himself to you with half of his body materialized, and his clan appeared to you twice with yellow shining eyes. He explained how they are an earlier type of Sasquatch and their Lemur-like features have them being called wolf faces or baboon faces, so they show more often only their eyes as not to frighten us with their non-Human traits.”

”The local clan came by daily, making sure they were heard, guarding the portal behind your house. One day, you received a complex glyph made of branches at the foot of the stairway. Another time you were gifted a bright red gem that appeared on your table. Your friend living there, who is the one who passed on to you the sacred pipe you are carrying, witnessed with you signs of their presence, hearing them around. Once she asked you who was throwing pebbles, you said ‘Sasquatch’ and you were answered with a handful of pebbles landing at your feet from nowhere. Since you have left that place, they have continued to visit your friend.”

”You then moved to the city with your son, thinking that we would not manifest out there. You were surprised to find out that we can be there as anywhere with you. You heard us walk around, saw us in the astral and in dreams, felt our touch, and we even left a footprint in fresh snow on your doorstep. We have given you many signs of our presence and messages, as well as to the people in your surroundings who have been open and interested in knowing us.”

”Last March, I Kamooh told you to write our dear sister Kelly that I would go visit her and Kewaunee. The next day, before she read your message, they both saw me in their local area. Another time, our relative Bolo’Bolo standing behind you told you to write to Kelly that he would go visit her. You saw him stretch his arm and before you had written your line, Kelly wrote to you that someone had just touched her. Since a year, there have been too many such paranormal events to report them all here. We have been teaching you intensively about interdimensionality through a series of psychic experiences, dreams, astral travels and information downloads. Our Star Elders are also involved in your Soul education process.”

”In a series of vivid dreams, we took you on astral travels aboard mother ships to teach you intensively about cosmic matters, different kinds of star people, dharmic evolution of souls, history of the universe, healing energies, advanced technologies and interdimensionality. You were allowed to be instructed by the Council of Star Elders to help you on your mission.”

”Then we sent you Sheelah, one of ours who had great sufferings to heal from because of your people who took the life of her child. You saw the red shining eyes and heard the hiss of a hurt Sasquatch, and learned that not only do we also have to work on our healing, but that you can help us with compassion and respect. We can help and teach one another. Then she took you to the portal on a rock platform surrounded by boulders, where you found in the moss a collection of single tracks of all sizes from many of our Elders, all pointing toward the center of the circle, sending you their interdimensional signatures to let you know that we are all working together in gathering the souls ready to evolve further in cosmic disclosure.”

”This summer, you left with your son on a pilgrimage which took you through many communities and sacred places, as we had told you it would happen. You went in the sweat lodge with Lakota Chief Golden Light Eagle, where was chanted the Sasquatch song and you passed your pipe around. Several of the younger ones who accompanied you strongly felt our presences after the ceremony, some even hearing and seeing us, while with our sister Jenny, you went around talking with us and watching the many bright blue orbs flying around you.”

”We manifested ourselves to you and your traveling tribe several times during your journey. You heard footsteps on the roof of your bus, knowing from experience that I love to surprise you this way. We often appeared in the dreams and thoughts of your traveling companions. The night one of us broke branches near your camp fire, they all knew who it was. When you arrived on the ancestral homeland of your Hopi relatives, it didn’t take long before we showed up to you. You saw me healing you of your pain one night. Then, on the last night before you left, I gave you a small streak of my hair at the portal where you were guided.”

”That same night, you saw many of our clan Elders surrounding you and calling you to our gathering up north. The next night on Mount Shasta, your traveling partner had his first encounter with one of us, after asking to meet us. The next day you met more people who had met my people, as it has been happening increasingly all along your journeys all year.”

”With most of those signs received, there are witnesses who can confirm your words and experiences. The first day you arrived on the site of the awaited gathering, I appeared clearly in the photo Kelly took, behind her and you. When you returned on site days later, you saw me waiting for you in the woods, and as you sat where you were going to do the opening ceremony two days later, I left for you a large piece of my hair roughly braided, with a knot.”

”This is the ultimate gift of trust and friendship that we can offer, apart from our spiritual support. If all the many signs and manifestations given were not enough to convince you of our presence, this hair will stay with you to remind you that we are never separated in the spiritual realm and that our interdimensional interspecies friendship is as real as you are.”

”I told you to give some of my hair to a few trusted friends who have carried it to Australia, Russia, Canada, the Midwest and other locations. I asked you to put the rest of it on your sacred pipe and smoke it tonight, as I wanted to join my spirit and prayer to the many Elders and relatives who have smoked it in many ceremonies since decades, and with the white buffalo she-calf named Prophecy whose hair is also on this pipe, of which you are the sixth carrier, following five Native sun dancers. It was given to you to carry, to signify the importance of your mission, and to remind that pipe carriers cannot lie, because they share the breath of Great Spirit, just like the medicine of Sasquatch is honesty and transparency.”

”So we have fulfilled our promise of being with you everywhere, manifesting in many ways. On the night you put up the Sasquatch tipi and spent the night alone on the site of the gathering and conference, Elders and representatives of many of our clans manifested around you, either with calls, sounds close by, physical appearances, astral projections and telepathic communications, letting you know of our joy about the manifestation of this event.”

”This was the second promise we had given you, that we would gather your and my people. At that conference and gathering we had called, many of the participants felt our presence and received signs from us. This is the beginning of a long term process of cosmic disclosure in which awakened souls worldwide are taking part. New portals are being opened for your collective consciousness to access interdimensional understanding and spiritual evolution.”

”So tonight, we are glad to be ready to start transmitting another chapter of the message we carry for Humanity and ask you to help us in delivering it, by translating our thoughts in Human words and speech. The third promise we made you last year, when we asked you to write down our message, was that a growing number of your Human people would be ready to receive it and that the time was ripe for it to be brought out at large in the general public.”

”Well, you have noticed that since before you completed the writing of the first message, it had already reached a large international audience on many web sites online. The comments and feedback received were the most encouraging and empowering that you had ever seen. Just two moons ago, the message was made available into printed form and has continued to be distributed, reaching out to a growing number. This is another promise we have kept.”

”The fourth promise we made was that we would reach out to more and more, and that you would meet a growing number of your people who would develop their connection with us and come forward to share their experiences. Well, since a year you have been put in touch with literally dozens of communicators who have had ongoing contacts with Sasquatch, several of which are just starting recently to know us, and many of whom you have helped with guidance and advice, answering questions. You see another of our promises fulfilled.”

”You have learned with Elders from distant lands, with the guides of your Human allies and interdimensional communicators you work with on different planes, just like many of them, a dozen, have met me since and let you know that I visited them or messaged telepathically. Just a year ago, no living Human had heard of me, this is why I hesitated for long before giving you a name for me at your request; but today my name Kamooh is on thousands of lips. I knew the challenge it would pose as an empath, but I am satisfied with the general reaction.”

”So here are four promises that we made in our first message and have kept within one year: first, many of us have been manifesting in many ways around you regularly, guiding you; secondly, we have gathered with Sasquatch communicators from around the world one moon ago in Chewelah, and this enlightening event which was a great success, will become annual; thirdly, we told you that our message would reach out and be well received, as it happened; fourth, as we said, these experiences and the new understanding they bring are shared by a fast growing number of interspecies communicators worldwide, connecting in a circle.”

”Why did we start this new message by looking back on the last year? Because the promises we gave you were kept, showing that our word is true, because our Sasquatch medicine is honesty and transparency. These are more signs we are giving you and your people so you know that we really are reaching out to help your spiritual evolutionary path.”

”We have sent you to Kewaunee, a great friend and ally of our people for many years and lifetimes, and famous as the pioneer who has made our people known for who we really are. When you received his books last year, the day after you had finished transcribing our message, it was no coincidence that you found so much concordance with what you wrote. Likewise, he recognized the truth of our message through you and decided to help share it. We have guided him, his wife Kelly, and many others like you into this cosmic convergence.”

”Now that we have proven our word to be true by keeping all of our promises this year, we are ready to carry on transmitting our message to Humanity through your services and words. Some of your people can know us, because they open up and try. Others never will because they refuse or choose denial. When you start to know your spiritual Self, you understand that interdimensional beings with higher intelligence like us and the Star Elders do exist for real. If we were not trying to help you, we would not send you all the signs and help you receive. We would not give you all these teachings with the spiritual understanding they can bring.”

”You have witnessed that our connection has brought many beneficial blessings for many. The Great Spirit of all things wants it to be this way. He/She created a set of natural laws to maintain the cosmic order and a plan for creation to be for the spiritual evolution of the soul. So let’s get started together with another round of information download to be transmitted.”

Read more about the Sasquatch messages for humanity on Kelly’s website

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