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Anunnaki Have Incarnated On Planet Earth

By on July 24, 2017 in ET's AND UFO'S
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UFO experiencer and researcher Michael Lee Hill has had an interesting awakening. From what he has been told by Anunnaki family members Enlil and Marduk, his soul sent forth the chard that is Enki. Michael explains that the “good cop/bad cop” role was a part of the duality experiment on Earth in order to help souls grow faster than any other planet in the Universe.

Michael shares some of his knowledge about the Anunnaki’s role on the planet at this time in this introductory Cosmic Awakening Show, hosted by Michelle Walling.

The pay per view footage of the whole conference in Detroit with new information from Michael will be available soon on the Cosmic Awakening Show’s YouTube channel.

Michael’s website is

Find out more about Michelle Walling here: (sponsor of the Cosmic Awakening Show)

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