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Alien Abduction 101 – UFO Disclosure Files

By on August 21, 2017 in ET's AND UFO'S
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What happens during an abduction event?

The first known case of abduction happened in 1957 in Brazil, according to Dr. David Jacobs, who is a UFO and abduction researcher who has been studying this phenomenon for over 42 years. In this video, he describes his thoughts on abduction history and what takes place during an actual encounter.

This first reported case involved sexual contact and therefore was horrible embarrassing for UFO researchers, who did not publicly share the information until years later.

Abductees Barney and Betty Hill went public with their account of missing time in New Hampshire in the 60’s and set the standard for others to come forward.

Bud Hopkins began to research sightings and published articles which sparked an interest from people who had missing time sequences.

Dr. Jacobs then delved further into the subject of missing time.

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