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11 Tips For Empaths

By on December 2, 2016 in METAPHYSICAL
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10 Tips For Empaths

By Michele Cornacchia

Are you an empath? Then this is for you! You feel your own emotions, both positive and negative, in a deeper way. When you are happy, you are really, really in heaven and when you are sad you are in a very low vibration. The point is that you feel even the emotions  of others.

Yes, you are that kind of person that feels the energies around people, this is such an amazing gift! You know immediately what a person is feeling, what their mental and emotional state is and even just a looking them is enough to know exactly what they are thinking. Having the possibility to connect with someone in a deeper way is something that truly gives space to relationships on an higher level. Sometimes this can be a curse because if we don’t manage appropriately this capacity we may start to feel emotions, especially negative ones, of other beings experiencing them as our own without even realizing it! This is an explosive mix because we can’t even be aware of what we are feeling in the present moment and we can’t distinguish between what is ours and what isn’t.

If you feel compassion for beings that are in trouble, if you feel that urge to help them, then you are an empath. Most of us have difficulty saying a firm NO, because we have the insane tendency to please people, in other words we don’t want to hurt them, which is good but this becomes a self-destructive behavior when we put others before us. We completely spend our energy in order to help but we forget to realize that we must be the first being on the list of those that we love! We have no problem to give but we have great difficulty to receive. Sometimes we feel spacey and too much in our minds instead of living in our body awareness. We can manage to be in a crowded environment for a shot time. Empathy is truly a gift not a sign of weakness and not for a selected few, but everyone is an empath to some degree. It is what allows connection between beings, the link between us. How do we master this? How do we get past the point of exhaustion? Well, we have to learn how to manage our own energy.

Here are some great tips for empaths:

Tip one: Ground yourself.

This is fundamental for your health on all levels. Grounding allows you to be connected with the magnetic energy of the Earth. No wonder we are always walking on thick rubber soles on many centimeters of asphalt, they don’t want you to be grounded but confused. There are a lot of ways to do this: walking barefoot on the grass or on the sand. Smelling flowers, even absorbing sunlight for a while. One of the most powerful in my opinion is to touch a tree for a few minutes and just relax, feeling the connection. You can even use visualization, see your Root chakra as a brilliant red ball expanding, growing bigger and bigger. See your kundalini going out of it and deep into the soil, spreading like tree roots. When you are grounded you live fully into your body awareness and not floating in your head!

Tip two: Put yourself first.

Realize that you have to give first to yourself in order to help others. If you don’t take care of yourself, if you don’t have the energy necessary to do what you came here to do, how can you pretend to do something for someone else? Receiving is beautiful as much as giving, indeed they are the same. Receiving is giving to yourself!

Tip three: You are not here to live up to other people expectations.

Do your own thing and the rest will follow. If you are spending your life doing something in order to please others, stop it! This lowers your vibration and your mood. Instead focus on you, do what you really want to do what brings you enthusiasm, joy and fun. This is why you have to learn to say NO. If we always say yes even when we mean no, we will always finish to do what we don’t like in order to please someone. That is a good way to deplete your energy. Learn that you can’t please everyone, and if someone is not resonating with you, then it’s time to leave that space.

Tip four: Let go.

Choose the people you vibrate with. If you are around someone that is negative, you will surely experience that in your aura. You will feel sad, exhaust, tired which is the consequence of you absorbing other people energy without having awareness of it. Let go, without judgement and with forgiveness of the toxic relationships you have. Remember that no one can be in your field without your invitation, your permission. If someone wants to take you where you don’t want to go… just say NO! Accept that taking on you other people pain is not a good way to help them. An empath knows that they can handle a great amount of emotional pain, when he/she is around someone that is suffering something activates in their subconscious. “I am stronger than you, give your garbage because I can handle it!” In this way you will only hurt yourself. Try, instead, to be supportive toward the other being, you can help without your energy being compromised.

Tip five: Cut your cords.

I have done a post about this where you can find an affirmation that suits perfectly with this.

Tip six: Energy shield.

Visualize yourself in a bubble of light, literally a shield, surrounding you from head to toe, 360 degrees! See it growing and glowing around your being, assuming the shape of a sphere of light. Do this for a few minutes. You can even ask your Higher Self and your Spiritual Guides to help you with this to make it stronger.

Remember: the universe is mental in nature, your thoughts create your reality and you are immersed in every moment in a pool of infinite energy which can be shaped with your consciousness. The more you are aware of this, and the more you believe in what you are doing, the more powerful the result of the visualization. Do not do this from a vibration of fear: “someone has power over me, can deplete my energy, and I have to defend it with a shield of light!” No! You are simply owning your space, you are saying “This space is mine! Here are allowed only positive vibes and anything less than love can not enter!”

Tip seven: Close your chakras.

Especially when you are in the middle of a crowd or with someone you don’t connect with, learn to close your energy centers. A strong intent is enough: start from the root and go up to the crown intending that you want to close each chakra one by one. For optimal results try this simple visualization: visualize each chakra as a little candle with it’s corresponding color, so for the root you will see a red candle, for the sacral orange, yellow for the solar plexus, green for the heart, blue for the throat, indigo for the third eye and violet for the crown. Blow on the candle and see it turning off, leaving a trail of smoke. This way your energy system is locked and you don’t absorb emotions that are not yours.

Tip eight: Spend time alone.

In other words recharge your battery periodically! Spending time alone in meditation or even contemplating allows you to know better your energy, which is fundamental if you want to master it and if you want to know when stuff is yours and when is not. Meditation is an amazing way to connect all our bodies: mental, emotional, physical, etheric. Going out into nature has an immediate effect: you feel relaxed, your aura expands and opens.

Tip nine: Own your energy.

Your words are power, they are spells, literally! If you are aware that you absorbed energy that is not yours, even if you only suspect it, intend that you don’t want it in your field. Say out loud ” I own my energy, all the energy that I have absorbed from other beings is now returned to them from my God-Self to their God-self!”

Tip ten:  Clean your energy.

There are many ways to do this. Smudging is one of the best and it has been used for centuries in all the cultures of the world. Pick some dried sage and burn it, let it clean your room and yourself. This has a therapeutic effect and literally sends away all negative energies. Unless you live near the ocean, you want to take some baths with salt. This works exactly like smudging, in addition it grounds yourself.

Tip eleven: Breathe.

When you feel confused or anxious focus on your breath. This is an active meditation that you can do whenever you want, wherever you are. Maybe in the beginning it can b a biet challenging but after a while you will be able to do it as you perform your everyday tasks.

You can even take 5 minutes when you feel overwhelmed to breathe in very slowly, for a count of four. Then hold the breath for other four seconds. As you breathe out you allow all the garbage, the emotional disorder, and the mind chatter to leave you. Drop it! Do this a few times and you will be centered again in your being. Visualization is always is an amazing tool. You can visualize pure, bright white diamond light entering your organism as you breath in. When you breath out, see all the negativity in the form of a black flow, like smoke or a little cloud, leaving your system. Repeat this exercise until you feel renewed.

Empathy is truly a blessing and the first step is to accept it as a gift not as a cruse. Feeling alive is beautiful, developing a deep connection with yourself and with others is the best thing you can work on. Remember, if you complain you will only enter a downward spiral but if you decide to take responsibility for your energy and for yourself you can learn to live happy with this part of you.

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