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11 Shocking Celebrity Sightings!

By on November 10, 2016 in ET's AND UFO'S, PARANORMAL
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11 Shocking Celebrity Sightings!

While most people dismiss so-called UFO encounters as nothing more than stunts being pulled by attention-seeking individuals, there are UFO encounters out there than will make you think twice about making the same speculation. Such encounters include notable people and celebrities who are already in the limelight, people that will not benefit (well most of them) from stringing together “crazy sounding” stories to get attention from the public.

In this post, we are counting down 11 UFO encounters reported by famous people and notable individuals in human history:

Russell Crowe

Here’s something that’s bound to send chills down your spine, Les Miserables star, Russell Crow witnessed UFO whizzing past his Australia office.

The Oscar winning actor, who took on to twitter last year to report the strange encounter, believes he saw an alien spaceship in Woolloomooloo, Australia. And he has the video to prove it!

Initially, Crowe set up his camera to record fruit bats that are constant visitors to his botanical garden (who knew the Gladiator star was such a committed nature lover?). As he was recording, he saw an unidentified flying object dash into the frame. You can watch the whole thing go down here:

The video shows glowing red lights or streaks of red light passing by the frame. One was moving with the other in tandem from left to right. In the photos, the sky is casting a light directly downwards but the light is not reflected to the trees or shrubs in the property.

The images he took were spread apart by 4.5 seconds each and were posted online. While the video were watched a thousand times over after it was uploaded online, some commenter are quick to air out their skepticism over the UFO sighting. A commenter by the ID bernzeppi wrote that Crowe was likely to have captured lights from passing yachts, and not space creatures.

The camera he used (A Canon 5D) did not have a flash and the three shots he took “can’t be a lens flare because it moves, camera is fixed.” Crowe further added that “at the time the music wasn’t playing, also, yes, we have pushed in on the frame… this is 3 photo’s in order, nothing added.”

Of course, while a lot of videos showing alleged UFO sightings turned out to be hoaxes, there is very little motivation for Crowe to create an elaborate hoax to catch the public’s attention.

So it is real? Did the Oscar winning actor really saw a UFO dashing in and out his property or was he just dreaming a dream?

One person create a fairly convincing analysis of the video, claiming that what Crowe saw was likely sailboat lights accidentally being captured by the camera. Whether or not the lights were from a sailboat, a yacht or from a UFO, it’s certainly chilling to see strange red lights hovering over your property!

John Lennon

It was a hot, breezy afternoon when Lennon stepped out of his terrace and got the shock of his life. Just beyond the horizon, he saw a flattened cone-shaped disc emitting red light. The disc seemed to approach the flabbergasted Lennon as he yelled for his assistant, May Pang. Both Lennon and Pang watched with fascination as the aircraft hovered over the very close distance before suddenly flying off.

John Lennon’s UFO Sketch

According to Lennon’s estimation, the unidentified aircraft could be the size of a Lear jet. The aircraft returned later than day, this time with “a row or circle of white lights that ran around the entire rim of the craft.” The local newspaper ran the story and notified Lennon and Pang that they were not the only ones who saw the mysterious aircraft. In fact, at least 7 others can confirm seeing the UFO around the same time Lennon and Pang spotted it.

Victoria Beckham

Posh Spice, as Victoria Beckham was fondly known throughout the 90s, claims of seeing a round, luminous UFO in her LA family home. The singer-turned-fashion designer was lounging around her Beverly Hills mansion when she spotted said mysterious aircraft. At first glance, the aircraft Posh Spice was referring to looked a lot like a full moon. While Mrs. Beckham’s tale is definitely interesting, it’s worth nothing that her home was not in an area where previous UFO sightings have been reported.

Alleged UFO Snapped By Victoria Beckham

On the other hand, her home is near a heavily-trafficked airspace so some skeptics are quick to dismiss the incident as nothing more than a case of mistaken aircraft. The place is, after all, a regular route for helicopters.

Billy Ray Cyrus

Billy Ray Cyrus, whose is more popularly known for his superstar spawn Miley Cyrus, recounts a strange encounter in his home. He claims to have seen at least five UFOs hovering over the horizon, took a picture of said aircrafts and uploaded it on Twitter. Now here’s the picture:

Alleged UFO Snapped By Billy Ray Cyrus

It’s not clear whether or not the mysterious aircrafts shot in the image are simply an optical illusion or an actual fleet of UFO. The Achy Breaky Heart singer captioned the image with:

“O. K. . .. my first U F O sighting. Looks like 5 or 6 disk like shapes hovering. Special moment 4 DAD.”

No word on whether or not the aliens thought the moment with DAD was really special.

Buzz Aldrin

It’s one thing to see strange aircrafts when you’re a celebrity and you’re earth-bound. It’s another when you are a renowned space cowboy with a lot to lose. Let’s face it, one of the reasons why even the most convincing UFO video or story don’t get thumbs up from prominent figures in science is because of the fear of being ridiculed by their peers. Such is the case of an alien encounter with Buzz Aldrin and the entire Apollo 11 crew!

Buzz Aldrin, who is the second man on the moon, was the subject of a documentary titled “First on The Moon: The Untold Story”. A 3.5-minute segment from that documentary described how the entire crew of Apollo 11 came across an unidentified flying object during their trip to the moon. The incident as never officially acknowledge by NASA. Watch the video here:

In the documentary, Buzz Aldrin said, “there was something out there that, uh, was close enough to be observed and what could it be?”

Traveling beside Apollo 11 is a “singed object” that, when observed at a close distance using a telescope, reveals an L-shaped object. Aldrin went on record and stated that Mike Collins could see the aircraft from his telescope. However, the crew was apprehensive about reporting the incident to Mission Control.

Aldrin adds, “we decided that after a while of watching it, it was time to go to sleep and not talk about it anymore.”

David Bowie

British rocker David Bowie is known for his roughish good looks, his scandalous rock star lifestyle and his affinity to things that are beyond the realm of what society deems as “normal”. The singer made headlines when he claims to have seen multiple UFO sightings when he was a child living in England.

“They came over so regularly we could time them. Sometimes they stood still, other times they moved so fast it was hard to keep a steady eye on them.” – David Bowie

Author Peter Koening paraphrased Bowie’s statement in the book Laugh Gnostic:

“A friend and I were traveling in the English countryside when we both noticed a strange object hovering above a field. From then on, I have come to take this phenomena seriously. I believe that what I saw was not the actual object, but a projection of my own mind trying to make sense of this quantum topological doorway into dimensions beyond our own. It’s as if our dimension is but one among an infinite number of others.”

Bowie referenced the many incidents of UFO sightings on books and even interviews. He freely gave details of the encounters and was never shy about admitting his beliefs of intelligent life living far beyond Earth.

Dan Aykroyd

For many years, Aykroyd has been an avid believer in UFOs and is a science fiction aficionado (just like David Bowie). In fact, he is a lifetime member of the Mutual UFO Network or MUFON where he serves as the official “Hollywood” Consultant. Aykroyd also developed documentary detailing different UFO encounters of real people and hosted the television series, PSI Factor: Chronicles of the Paranormal.

Aykroyd’s interest in ETs started out when he was a child. The Aykroyd household is no stranger to all things related to the paranormal. His grandfather is a mystic. One of the most defining experiences he had was in the late 80s when Aykroyd woke up in the middle of the night and suddenly telling his wife, “they’re calling me, I want to go outside”.

Of course, his wife asked who’s calling him but Aykroyd’s only response was to insist on going outside. He was told to go back to sleep and he did. The next day, the media was swamped with reports of people all over upstate new York, Quebec and Vermont, of people having the intense urge to go outside at three in the morning. When they did go outside, a massive pink spiral was seen above the great lakes.

Muhammad Ali

The legendary boxer claims to see UFOs regularly when he was young. He claims to have seen 2 UFO hovering over New York City back when he was working out in Central Park, training for a fight. His longtime friend and trainer, Angelo Dundee, seconded this claim and shares that along with Ali, he too have witnessed two UFOS moving into the city a little before dawn.

The mysterious aircrafts moved so slowly over the skyline for at least 15 minutes before disappearing. They later found out that several New York residents filed reports of UFO sightings at the Newark Airport. Ali even goes to claim that the prophet Elijah Muhammad said that the first ever reference to a UFO was made in Ezekiel’s Wheel in the Bible.

Sammy Hagar

Sammy Hagar AKA The Red Rocker claims to have been abducted by aliens when he was younger. The veteran musician, who claimed to have been abducted by aliens when he was 20 in 2011, shocked fans by breaking out the story. In a Howard Stern interview, the former Van Halen frontman candidly recounted the abduction and how the experience changed his life forever. Below is a partial script of the interview:

Howard Stern Show: Were you really abducted by aliens when you were 18?

Sammy Hagar: Yes sir, I was.

Howard Stern Show: And stuff was “downloaded“ into your head?

SH: Yes. Back then, and this was about 1967…

[Sammy Hagar interrupted by misc jokes and typical Howard Stern banter]

Sammy comically re-enacts his UFO encounter

Sammy Hagar: You gotta be careful with this stuff. You gotta be careful because people, if you say something and they think you’re crazy, it’ll take away all of your credibility. But I can’t deny this. So I’m in bed and all of a sudden I see in my head – this is before wireless, this is before any kind of remote stuff, it was before computers, that we knew of…

Howard Stern Show: How old were you at this point?

Sammy Hagar: About 20. Whatever year that was. [Altered Dimensions note: it was indeed 1967]

Art Bell

Art Bell is a prominent late night radio talk show hosts who claims to have seen quite a number of eerie things hovering over the night sky in his home, which happens to be near Area 51 in Pahrump, Nevada. At one time, Art Bell was regarded as the US’ most highly rated radio host.

Art Bell in his Nevada Studio

His radio program, Coast to Coast AM, is known for tackling inexplicable experiences of people related to ETs and flying saucers and his guests are mostly Ufologists and UFO enthusiasts. Bell recounts one story of his own UFO sighting when he saw a massive triangular aircraft moving without a noise over himself and his wife, Ramona.

Fran Drescher

Fran Drescher popularity known as the inimitable nanny from the early 90s show, The Nanny, claims to have been abducted by aliens as a child. She went further her claim by admitting that the aliens implanted a chip in her hand. In another interview, Fran Drescher claims that before she met her ex-husband, Peter Marc Jacobson, they saw aliens “before we knew each other, doing the same thing, driving on the road with our dads”.

“We were both in junior high. A few years later, we met, and we realized that we had the same experience. I think that somehow we were programmed to meet. We both have this scar. It’s the exact same scar on the exact same spot.”

But her ex-husband denies the claim, saying that Fran got her scar from a drill bit or by burning herself holding a cup of hot water.

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